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Thank you for your interest in Happy Hills Resort and our “in-house” trailer sales.

We are a bustling park with a great group of clientele and many more actively pursuing entry.

Currently, we are unable to offer seasonal sites to campers looking to bring their own trailer into our resort. We do however, have sites open for our "in-house" sales of travel trailers and park models.   Also available are several re-sale units for purchase. If you are considering a new or used travel trailer or park model, please consider our in-house services. On new units we have our popular Happy Hills Resort Ultimate Vacation Package (HHRUVP)   which includes discounts on seasonal camping, complimentary mini golf, complimentary 9 hole golf and complimentary day passes!  We look forward to discussing which option works best for you.

Thanks for checking us out!

We have several Park Model Homes and Loft units on order and available for delivery in Spring/Summer 2022!

Common Sense Pricing!

- Our popular 2 year Happy Hills Resort Vacation Package (HHRUVP) Available

- Setup / Connection always looked after

- Furniture package available

- Deck/Shed/Insulated Awning Build / Install Available 





This program applies to all future seasonal site occupants entering our Resort.  The Resort Access Fee is fully refundable upon future sale of your trailer or removal from Happy Hills.

It is intended to stabilize the market value of trailers situated on rented sites.  It will also prevent excessive valuation increases on assessed units within our Resort.

The Resort Access Fee breakdown is as follows:

Sites under 3,000 sq.ft.$2,000.00
Sites between 3,000 and 4,000 sq.ft.$3,000.00
Sites over 4,000 sq.ft.$4,000.00
Sites over 5,000 sq.ft.$5,000.00
9 month and extended stay sites$10,000.00

As mentioned above, the fee is refundable upon future sale or removal of your trailer from our park.

For further information please e-mail us at or contact the office at 519-475-4471

2019 Commodore

 2018 Coachman Northern Spirit

Length: 33′
Bedrooms: 1 with Double Over Double Bunkhouse
Location: 6

Price: $65,000.00

2019 Commodore

 2019 Commodore Home

Length: 14′ x 46′
Bedrooms: 3
Location: 91

Price: $135,000.00

2017 Commodore Home

 2017 Commodore Home

Length: 16′ x 44′
Bedrooms: 1
Location: 367

Price: $165,000.00

1993 Fairmont Brookside

 1993 Fairmont Brookside

Length: 34′
Bedrooms: 3
Location: 316

Price: $44,000.00

 2010 Keystone Laredo

Length: 29′
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 162

Price: $35,000.00

 2004 Northlander Supreme

Length: 33′
Bedrooms: 1
Location: 183

Price: $21,900.00

2014 Harmony Homes

Length: 14′ x 44′ 
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 115

Price: $99,900.00

2018 Forest River Cherokee

Length: 39′
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 203

Price: $75,000.00

2007 Breckenridge SERDN

Length: 40′
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 199

Price: $60,000.00

2011 LaCrosse 318BHS

2011 LaCrosse 318BHS

Length: 31′
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 365a

Price: $34,500.00

2017 Forest River

Length: 11′ x 32′
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 338

Price: $80,000.00

2011 Keystone Hideout

Length: 39′ 10″
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 362

Price: $64,000.00

2017 Commodore Home

Length: 14′ x 40′ 
Bedrooms: 2
Location: 88

Price: $110,000.00

2018 Commodore Home

2018 Commodore Home

Length: 14′ x 44′ 
Bedrooms: 3
Location: 336

Price: $135,000.00


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