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Thank you for your interest in Happy Hills Resort and our “in-house” trailer sales.

We are a bustling park with a great group of clientele and many more actively pursuing entry.

Currently, we are unable to offer seasonal sites to campers looking to bring their own trailer into our resort. We do however, have sites open for our "in-house" sales of travel trailers and park models.   Also available are several re-sale units for purchase. If you are considering a new or used travel trailer or park model, please consider our in-house services. On new units we have our popular Happy Hills Resort Ultimate Vacation Package (HHRUVP)   which includes discounts on seasonal camping, complimentary mini golf, complimentary 9 hole golf and complimentary day passes!  We look forward to discussing which option works best for you.

Thanks for checking us out!


Commodore Homes 1446-3-1

Size: 14’x 46′
Location: Display
Price: $70,934.00

Fairmont / Cavo 150 190004        

Size: 11’x 34′
Location: Display
Price: $62,145.00

Commodore Homes 1442-1-1

Size: 14’x 42′
Location: Display
Price: $68,889.00

Commodore Homes 1444-2-1-FK

Size: 14’x 44′
Location: Display
Price: $63,885.00

Commodore Homes 1446-2-1

Size: 14′ x 46′
Location: Display
Price: $70,944.00

Commodore Homes 1444-2-1

Size: 14′ x 44′
Location: Display
Price: $67,660.00